Camel's Back Park Trail
Boise, Idaho


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Length: 0.5 miles
Off-Road: 0.5 miles
Climb: 130 feet
Trail Uses: Hiking; Bikes permitted


Description: Camel's Back Park is one of Boise's 50 city-maintained parks. Located just north of downtown along the foothills, it is easily accessible and convenient for an after work, lunchtime, or early morning workout. For visitors it offers an excellent vantage point from which to view downtown Boise.

Hiking in Camel's Back Park requires climbing the steep grassy hill located on the park's east side. There are many routes to the top of the hill's twin humps, varying from nearly straight up to a more relaxed incline. Atop the peak various trails crisscross the relatively flat top, offering excellent views of downtown and the surrounding hillsides. These trails can be used to access many of the trails belonging to the Ridge to Rivers Trail System.

Camel's Back Park trails are great for beginning hikers who are interested in a short walk that will definitely increase your heart rate, or by more serious hikers who wish to use the hill as a training ground. Multiple trips up the hill provide an excellent and varied workout - try jogging if you're really ambitious.

Mountain bikes are allowed in the area, however, many of the paths are extremely steep and sandy making them ridable by only the most experienced riders. The park's short trails, steep terrain, and sandy ground does not cater to mountain bikers. There are good biking trails to the east of the park, that maybe accessed through the park.

Location: Camel's Back Park is located northwest of downtown Boise at 1200 Heron Street at the corner of N 13th Street. Parking is available, and is accessible off of Heron Street.

From the Boise connector (I-184) follow the highway toward downtown. Turn left at N 13th Street. (the first light after the interstate becomes a surface street). At the intersection there will be a sign directing you toward Hyde Park. Take 13th Street north for about two miles until you reach Heron St. The park will be on your right as you arrive at the foothills.

From downtown take any of the major east-west thoroughfares west. At N 13th Street turn left and follow it until you reach Heron Street The park will be on your right as you arrive at the foothills.