Lower Hull's Gulch Loop Trail
Boise, Idaho




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Length: 4.5 miles
Off-Road: 4.5 miles
Climb: 655 feet
Trail Uses: Hiking, Biking


Description: Hull's Gulch Reserve is one of Boise's more popular outdoor areas. It's quickly and easily accessed from town, yet gives the illusion of being far from the city.

The loop starts from the first parking area that you'll find along 8th Street after the pavement ends. The lot is quite large and accommodates many cars. There is additional parking less than a half mile further along 8th Street on the left hand side. The main parking area has rest room facilities, although no running water.

This loop can be completed in either direction. The map and mileage directions are given for the clockwise direction. Hikers will probably enjoy the directions as given, while bikers may prefer the counter-clockwise path as the rocky descent along Hull's Creek can be quite fun on a mountain bike. Try the loop both ways and you'll find two significantly different rides.

On weekends and evenings, especially in the summer, the trail can be quite crowded due to its popularity. Bikers should be mindful of other trail users, and be prepared to yield the right of way.

Location: Hull's Gulch Reserve is located along the 8th Street Extension just east of Camel's Back Park.

From the Boise connector (I-184) follow the highway toward downtown. Take the 15th Street exit and follow the signs toward Bogus Basin Ski Area. At the intersection with Fort Street turn right. Proceed to 8th Street and turn Left. After approximately 1.5 miles the pavement ends. Park at the first parking area on the right after the end of the pavement.

From downtown take 8th Street north through the north end towards the foothills. Park at the first parking area on the right after the pavement ends.

Trail guide by mile marker:

0.0 Proceed to the trail by exiting the parking lot through an opening in the fence on the east side of the lot. The trail descends a few feet crosses a flat area near 8th Street, then rises slightly before starting out across a fairly level field.
0.3 After crossing the creek on a small bridge, a trail leading from the upper parking area enters on the left. Continue to the right to remain on the trail.
1.8 There's a large rock outcrop in the trail. If you are biking you may need to walk this section. If you are traversing the trail counter-clockwise by bike, be prepared for the drop by slowing down.
2.3 Trail 28 and 4 intersect just before a creek crossing. Keep to the right, crossing the creek and following Trail 28.
2.5 Trail 24 intersects on the left. Continue straight.
3.6 An unmarked but well defined trail that descends into the valley intersects on the right. Turn down this trail.
4.1 A smaller unmarked trails intersect on the right. Continue straight to remain on the main trail.
4.4 Trail 35 intersects on the left. Continue straight.
4.5 The trail passes a trail maintenance area before reentering the parking area at the trails start.